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Smoke Alarms & Detectors Fitted in Hull & East Yorkshire

It almost goes without saying that everybody should have a number of smoke alarms fitted in their home.

Working smoke alarms are essential as they provide an early warning and therefore extra time to escape if you have a fire. Total Rewires recommend that you have at least two mains powered smoke detectors with battery backups to ensure that your smoke alarm will work properly in an emergency.

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It is a legal requirement for business premises to have smoke detectors installed in order to protect anyone entering the premises, as well as the property itself. At Total Rewires we recommend all homes should be fitted with smoke detectors, as it is proven that they are a life saver.

Total Rewires Mains Powered Smoke Detectors

  • Expert Installation
  • Fully Qualified Electricians
  • Protects You and Your Home
  • Total Rewires Installed Smoke Detectors Comply with British Standard (BS EN 14604:2005).

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